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The bilingual "Friendly Sudbury" logo in city colours with a border of blue representing our many lakes projects our city image of being clean and green.  We would like to see our City to be:  Age Friendly, Arts Friendly, Business Friendly, City Hall Friendly, Cycle Friendly, Disability Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, Ethnic Friendly, Gender Friendly, Health Friendly, Lake Friendly, Park and Playground Friendly, Pedestrian Friendly, Shopping Friendly, Sports Friendly and Visitor Friendly. You can help make it so!

  Sudbury has always been know as a friendly community but in recent years perhaps not as much and this should and can be restored in a variety of ways including involving local government and business and organizations so we can become know to our residents and visitors as "friendly Sudbury" - what better objective to achieve in the city we all love?  

Consider visiting these Friendly Sudbury websites:

 www.seesudbury.ca  www.yessudbury.ca www.minnowlake.ca www.liveablesudbury.org www.gswa.ca

Local Music Recordings from the past click here

Many area performers featured

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We believe that the past influences the future and Sudbury has much history has deserves to be preserved including many buildings such as our central downtown library and Art Gallery and our Community Arena.

Downtown Library Proposal: 

Art Gallery Proposal:

  For those interested - history of the KED for reference click here


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